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Digital Storytelling Project for  Study Abroad Programs

What is a Digital Story?

Digital storytelling started at the Center for Digital Storytelling ( in Berkley, California. Digital storytelling is a way to tell a personal story. It can be used for a variety reasons including self-discovery, reflection, community building, education, program documentation, advocacy or entertainment.


What is the Project?

The Digital Storytelling project is a reflective assignment to help you demonstrate of what you have learned on your study abroad experience. This is not a slide show of your trip, but rather a deeper reflection about your total experience. One way to look at this project is to ponder, “If an employer were to ask me what I learned on my study abroad experience, what story would I tell him or her?”



Here are all of the documents for the Digital Storytelling Project:


If you have any question, please contact Melody Buckner at





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