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ETC 667 - Instructional Design & Multimedia

Dr. Chih-Hsiung Tu

Course Description​ - Emphasizes learning theories in terms of multimedia development and issues of design, testing, and authoring tools to create quality learning environments.  The basics of multimedia instructional design will be taught and the opportunities to practice applying knowledge through the development of multimedia instructional materials.  The focus will be on learning complex computer skills that will help you better understand and support your students' use of these concepts and tools to construct their own projects in a constructionist learning environment.


Learning Objectives - 1) Discuss and define theories of learning and instruction, 2) Discuss and define instructional design theories, 3) Discuss and define multimedia information and learning, 4) Discuss and explore cognitive domain and learning environments, 4) Discuss and explore the technology based learning, 5) Discuss pedagogical issues with technology based environments, 6) Develop a multimedia learning component.


Instructional Design and Learning Theories

This course was my first real introduction to the world of insturctional design (ID).  I encountered new theoretical frameworks that would guide me on my journey toward becoming an instructional designer.


Several of the ID theories or models I learned in this course include:

  • Gagne-Briggs Model 

    • The nine instructional events focus on mastery of content.  The nine are: gain attention, inform learners, recall prior learning, present stimulus, provide guidance, elicit performance, provide feedback, assess performance and enhance retention and transfer.

  • Dick and Carey Model

    • Utilize a systems approach for the design of instruction

  • Gerlach and Ely Model

    • Based on strategies dealing with the selection of media witin instruction

  • ADDIE Model

    • Based upon the five phases for building effective design: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation.

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