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LRC 576 - Teacher Research

Dr. Sheilah Nicholas

Course Description​ - This course will take a critical look at the current literature and the theoretical trends and frameworks in teacher research and its transformative potential in improving the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom as well as addressing critical issues in the field of education. Ultimately, our goals are to become critical and responsive consumer-interpreters of research studies as well as producer-practitioners of research.


Learning Objectives -  To design and conduct an action research project.  To synthesize the analysis of course readings, relevant scholarly literature, fieldwork data, and personal experiences as a written inquiry project report. To examine the implications of teacher research for transformative change.

My Research Project 

Student Success in an Online Course:

A Student Perspective

Many students are starting to take more college courses in an online environment.  Amid the growth of Internet access, this trend has slowing has building over the past decade.  With the onset of this type of learning environment we are forced to evaluate student success in these courses.  There are many avenues to explore, in regard to student success.  We can look at student grades, retention in the course, student-learning outcomes for the content and the overall student experience in the course environment. 


This research study will focus on the last avenue, a student’s perspective about the online course experience.  The study looks at four areas of interest that might contribute to student success in an online course: 1) course navigation, 2) learning objectives, 3) online discussions, and 4) faculty feedback.

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