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The Digital Stories

from Verano Mexico


Summer 2011 


Summer 2012 


Summer 2013




Course Description


Earn three to six credits toward your endorsement and/or certification in regular, bilingual/ESL or special education through observing, teaching and helping students in public schools. Participants will also practice Spanish and experience Mexican culture by staying with a family in Guanajuato, one of Mexico’s most picturesque cities.


Ana -  2011 Verano Mexico

Lane - 2012 Verano Mexico

Jen - 2013 Verano Mexico 

Lauren - 2013 Verano Mexico



  • To become familiar with cultural and historical origins of Mexico as a context for observing and participating in the Mexican education system.

  • To become familiar with the teaching, learning and management strategies used in school or clinical setting.

Learning Objectives


  • gain a broad knowledge base of the similarities and differences among students in general and special education programs in México

  • observe different types of curricular materials, activities, and strategies for children and adults in academic, clinical, and non-academic settings

  • identify, observe, and record different classroom management strategies and routines

  • determine, identify, observe, and record what type of supplemental and support services are available for the population and settings in which you are observing

  • obtain and make notes on information regarding federal laws, and practice and identify similarities and differences across the continuum of services including general education, inclusion or resource (USAER), and self- contained (CAM) classrooms and other clinical settings



  • Daily Journals

  • Weekly Group Discussions

  • Final Project

  • Written Summary

  • Digital Storytelling Project

  • Oral Presentation

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