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LRC 530 - Literacy and Technology

Dr. J. David Betts

Course Description​ -  The purpose of this course is to assist teachers and teachers-in-training in learning how to use new technologies and new literacies to effectively to enrich the classroom learning environment. A wide variety of computer- mediated tools and resources and research will be covered. The emphasis of this course will be on integration of learning technologies into classroom teaching.


Learning Objectives - Development and integration of software applications: producing a multimedia presentation, a website and a game.  Critical analysis of effective uses of computer technology in online learning environments. Research findings pertaining to the use and evaluation of computer-mediated tools and resources. Development of an instructional module and lesson plan.


My Learning Object:


  1. Research Proposal

  2. Group Presentation


Do I want to really do this?

I took this course as an exploration into the world of LRC (Language, Reading and Culture). I was basically "testing the waters" to see if I wanted to dive into a PhD program.

Overall, this was a very good experience for me.  I created my first annotated bibliography and learned how to create a website with free software.  I had created websites before, but always with expensive software and a fairly steep learning curve. This introduction to free and easy html editor was benifical to me in my job as an Instructional Designer.  


The class was project based and became a creative outlet for exploring multimodal experiences.  I started to use VoiceThread for projects and this is where I first became interested in how Digital Storytelling was being use in education.


It was during this semester that I came to know Dr. Betts and would eventually serve as his preceptor.  During the preceptoship, we worked on creating an interactive course homepage for navigating through his online course in D2L (the university's learning management system.)

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