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The Digital Stories

from Vivir Mexico


Summer 2014 





Course Description


Experience “Vivir Mexico” and earn six credits learning about the culture, history and people of Mexico, and the political and social bilateral issues faced by Mexico and the US.  Spend one week in Mexico City and two weeks in Guanjuato, and experience why UNESCO has designated them as “World Heritage” cities for their cultural and artistic wonders. 

Tiffany - Vivir Mexico

Monica - Vivir Mexico

Jimaral - Vivir Mexico



  • A flexible topic seminar for undergraduate students across several domins in the field of Mexican American Studies

  • To become familiar with possible topics include: border studies; economics of international exchange; migration; Mexican education system; society and culture of Mexico; language variation in Mexican and Mexican American communities; labor.

Learning Objectives


  • Research by course participants on the possible topics listed in the Goals

  • Exchange of the research results through discussions, reports and papers



  • Discussion Post on Readings

  • 3 Written Exams

  • Curriculum Development & Delivery Report

  • Digital Storytelling Project

  • Commercial

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