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LRC 791 - Preceptorship in LRC 320

Dr. J. David Betts

Course Description​ - Student Technology Preceptors (STPs) are students trained in the use of technology to

support instruction. They receive academic credit for attending regular workshops to develop technology and people skills and for assisting faculty with their technology needs. This program offers participating students training and experience in the use of instructional technology. It offers faculty ready access to students with the expertise to help them bring technology to their classes more efficiently and effectively than they could on their own.


Learning Objectives - The major objective for this course was to assist Dr. Betts in creating a graphical navigation page in Desire2Learn (D2L) that takes students to an interactive learning environment in the fully online course - LRC 320.  Another objective was to create and facilitate one module in LRC 320 - Teaching with New Technologies.


Redesigning LRC 320

This semester I worked closely with Dr. Betts in redesigning and facilitating the LRC 320 online course.​   I helped create the course homepage and Unit 11 - Virtual Spaces, Social Networking and Digital Storytelling.


Below are the course objectives and outline:

After this course, the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic computer skills, use of specific computer applications and use of a variety of technologies that can be utilized for classroom instruction.

  • Recognize specific hardware and software applications that are useful in school settings.

  • Demonstrate how to use technology to assist in instruction.

  • Describe the psychological and cognitive effects of teaching that utilized technology.

  • Identify the teacher’s role as it is influenced by working in a high-tech classroom.

Fall Schedule

  • Unit 1 Introduction

  • Unit 2 Web Site Activation

  • Unit 3 Presentation Software

  • Unit 4 Web Design

  • Unit 5 Video

  • Unit 6 Blogs, Wikis and SmartBoards

  • Unit 7 Spreadsheets

  • Unit 8 Concept Mapping – CMap and Inspiration

  • Unit 9 Evaluating Software, Webpage and Podcasting

  • Unit 10 Assistive Technology and Universal Design

  • Unit 11 Virtual Spaces, Social Computing & Digital Storytelling

  • Unit 12 Final Project

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