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CTE 691 - Research in Career & Technical Education

Dr. Nicole O'Grady

Course Description​ - Understanding research in education and using research techniques. Problem identification, methodology, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Emphasizes research in career and technical education.


Learning Objectives - 1) Explain the purpose and role of research and design in education, 2) Explore current and rlevant topics related to research strategies, 3) Explain descriptive and inferntial statistical data analyses, 4) Prepare a research proposal with problem statement, literature reveiw, methodology, discussion and conclusion, 5) Demonstrate APA style and writing skills.

My Learning Object:


Introduction to Research and Statistics

This was a fully online course taken over the Summer of 2005.  It was a lot of work for a five week course, but in the end it was a good introduction to the research process.and statistical analysis.

The entire course was built around the construction of a research proposal.  We learned the various features of the paper as we were writing it. We covered key terms used in research and the various components of a research proposal.  Both quanitative and qualitative methods were address in this course.  Major attention was given to statistics and statistical analysis of data sets.


My research proposal topic was instructionally designed classrooms and the dropout rate of distance learning students.  I looked at the following issues:

  1. Reason for students dropping distance learning courses

  2. Special issues distance students face

  3. Student expectations of distance learning courses

  4. Lower dropout rate from instructional designed courses

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