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ETC 647 - Technical Learning Environments

Wally Nolan, M. Ed.

Course Description​ - This is a highly technical course uses principles of designing environments for technology-based teaching and learning with hands-on field experiences for planning, purchasing/selecting, installing, maintaining, and assessing hardware, software, and network configurations. This course prepare students in planning, designing, and developing effective networking environments and instructions to support educational intuitions' networked learning environments for teaching and learning in the 21st century workforce.


Learning Objectives - Be able to utilize skills with technology programs as they relate to network learning and network learning and personal learning environment to enhance online learning. Describe issues that pertain to network learning and develop a learning network unit based upon current learning theory for educational institutions.

Hands-On Technical Experience

In this course I reinforced my knowledge about the hardware involved in building computers and networks in learning environments.​

This course covered the construction of networks and the components of personal computers.  I have to note that I had been teaching these concepts at Pima Community College in a Computer Information Systems course, so there was really nothing new for me in this course.  I have also built networks and computers in my professional career, so my hands-on experience did help me understand the theories discussed in this course.


Below are my learning logs and my final projects:

Learning Log #1

Learning Log #2

Learning Log 3#

Final Paper on Future Trends

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