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The Mind of Melody

This is going to be place for me to share my thoughts and resources I find relevant to the online education and the issues surrounding this area. My focus is higher education and my work centers around instructional design and technology. However, I am a curious soul and love to explore other ares. You might say "I like to chase squirrels or shiny new objects" and with this in mind, I might stray from the path. My goal is to post at least once a week.

It is the summer of 2020 and the world has gone a bit crazy in my humble opinion. Here are some of the topics on my mind at the moment:

  • Remote Education vs Online Education

  • Online Proctoring vs. Authentic Assessment

  • Digital Literacy

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Digital Badges, Certificates and Micro-credentials

  • The Digital Divide in Higher Education

  • Competency Based Education

  • Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

  • Online Labs

I am sure this list will expand and change over time. I am looking forward to this wandering journey. I hope you will join me on this little blog adventure.

Picture: This is from my trip to Ireland to attend the 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning in Fall 2019. I had one free afternoon to sneak off to tour the Guinness Brewery and partake of this iconic beer!

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